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12 May 2009

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Here are some useful links to other ZX Spectrum and retro computer related sites:
  • World of Spectrum (WOS). This is the place for all things Speccy. It features a massive archive of software (a lot of which can be downloaded) and also links to magazine scans and so on. Go to http://www.worldofspectrum.org/
  • Planet Sinclair. This is a great site with information about the grand 8-bit micro itself. Go to http://www.nvg.ntnu.no/sinclair/computers/zxspectrum/zxspectrum.htm
  • Old-School-Micro. This is the place for a lighthearted look at older machines. With articles on Sinclair machines, Commodore computers, hardware from Acorn, Oric, Atari etc etc. Have a look and laugh and enjoy some computing history. Go to Old School Micro
  • Gnomes Lair. This is the place for up to date information in the world of retro gaming. Lots of good stuff to be found in the lair. Go to http://www.gnomeslair.com/
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum portal for information about Uncle Clives rubber keyed baby. Here you can catch some information and links to some neat vids. Go to http://www.squidoo.com/SinclairZXSpectrum
  • Spectrum magic features articles, emulators and downloads for the ZX Spectrum - find it at http://spectrummagic.emuunlim.com/
  • A nice article about the ZX Spectrum with images and videos can be found at Sinclair ZX Spectrum
  • A nice article featuring ZX Spectrum games characters can be found at ZX Spectrum Game characters
  • Kilted Moose - A good blog about general gaming from all around the world. Modern and classic stuff in here

The ZX Spectrum's colours will never fade. Enjoy...


Spectrum Roms said...

You forgot about one of the largest collections of Sinclair and in particular Spectrum roms anywhere on the internet, http://www.theoldcomputer.com/roms/index.php?folder=Sinclair/Spectrum

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