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11 Jun 2009

ZX Spectrum Games - The wee small hours - ZX Spectrum

You know the score...

It's half past nine at night and you've been playing your latest arcade game for four hours. The game is good, you're getting good (at it), and it's been a worthwile purchase at £6.95.

For three weeks it has kept you occupied, and you just know you are nearing completion. You keep playing, your hands majestically flying over the keyboard or manouvering the joystick, reactions and mind melded together in 100% concentration.

You realise how dry your mouth is - it has been hours since you last had a drink. You hit the pause key and head to the kitchen to grab a glass of anything. A quick glass of diluting orange is quickly gulped down - you can't be 'out of the zone' for too long otherwise you will lose your gaming rythm.

A quick glance at the clock reveals it is now ten thirty - but not to worry, the end of the game is nigh.

You return to your still warm seat, the game is un-paused, and you continue on.

Enemies are destroyed, obstacles are evaded, and another end of level boss is defeated after a long, hard battle. Surely the end?

Eleven thirty comes and goes, as does yet another level. One life remains. One level remains... perhaps.

Midnight has come and gone... but you barely noticed. You are pre-occupied desperately clinging to your last life.

It's here at last, the final, final battle. Dodging and weaving you blast away, moving and leaning in your seat as you move up, down, left and right. Almost there, just a few more hits will ensure victory... the computer unleashes a surprise move.

No way you could see that coming. Your last life is gone and GAME OVER is displayed.

It's half past one. So near yet so far....

But it's only half past one, time for one more go before bed.


Anonymous said...

Great post!

I lost many a night and some essential beauty sleep that way! But you knew it was a great game when you would say 'just one more shot' - for hours!!

Bri :0)

The Retro Brothers said...

Thanks for the comments - we've all been there I'm sure!

Vince said...

Oh yes, how cool that was, I remember playing Elite not knowing what date it is in the outside world. :-)

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