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2 Jul 2010

Spectrum Games - Jonathan Smith

As most of us ZX Spectrum fans will know - one of the greatest ever coders on our humble 8-bit machine sadly passed away on 26/06/2010

Jonathan Smith (or Joffa) as he became known was responsible for some of the greatest ever titles and arcade conversions for the Speccy.

I never met Jof in person, but he was kind enough to provide me with an interview about his ZX Spectrum coding days last September.

Not only that he kept contact with me (a true legend kept in contact with little old me) and kept providing me with insights into his game coding days, (not only on the Spectrum but also on the Atari ST and other formats), and also his special effects work.

Thanks for the great games, thanks for plip-plop music, thanks for the laughs (particularly on the World Of Spectrum forums), and thanks for the brilliant YouTube videos.

And now I think it's time for another shot on Cobra - perhaps I can finally complete it after all these years.

Rest in peace, Joffa.


Deadpan Flook 666 said...

RIP Joffa...


retromissus said...

Joffa Smith was a huge talent taken from life far too soon, but his legacy will endure. The outpouring of respect and recognition of his achievements, not only on the spectrum but in other areas also, is testiment to a life which left it's mark. His friendly manner and quirky, eccentric sense of humour endeared him to so many of us. Rest in peace Jof.

RetroKingSimon said...

It's always a shame when somewhen dies before their time. At least he was able to leave behind a legacy. RIP Joffa :(

IAN P said...

I had the honour of knowing joffa (Jonathan) as my nan lived next door to him and his parents. I was present on many days when he was tapping away on the spectrum 48k making 'pud pud' and was innocently unaware of the brilliance and legacy he was creating. I never went down the lines of computers and still struggle to e mail BUT what i can tell you all is that jonathan was a truly brilliant person even though he did not know it and neither did I. As I sat in his small front bedroom of his parents semi detached home aged 10, surrounded by art work, programmes and ideas that only a special few could dream of creating, even though his head was probably spinning with ideas of what would be his next creation, he always had time for me and I think he included my name in the end of the programme for 'pud pud' (please look for me if you know how) His parents are overwhelmed by the comments and love sent for jonathan. and rightly so. God bless you all or as jonathan would say 'THANKS YOU GOD BOTHERERS' X (if you find my name or wish any thoughts to be passed to his parents please e mail them to me and I promise I will make sure that they are heardx ian.prescott2@ntlworld.com

Unknown said...

You can find a first minutes of Joffa in Ocean, at 3min22sec:

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