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15 Sept 2009

ZX Spectrum Games - Game walkthrough (part 4) - Commando ZX Spectrum retro game

Game walkthrough (part 4) ZX Spectrum retro game
Here is part 4 (the final part!) of our walkthrough of the classic arcade conversion of Commando by Elite software.

Area 7:
This is probably the toughest area to crack. Run like crazy through the area with huts and blast away at any door you can - you're bound to take out some troops as they run out. Move under the bridge and take out the green truck quickly.

Now you will get swarmed with rocket troopers - kill as many as you can or you will be cut down.

Area 8:
The bridges across the rives are real choke points here - keep moving and firing and with a bit of luck you'll make it through. Once you make it to the road it becomes hectic. Take out as many rocket soldiers as you can and watch for troops running out of the huts.

The final gates open - kill everyone and that's it, you've cracked area 8!

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