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ZX Spectrum Games

27 Aug 2009

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Download Spectrum
So - you've (hopefully) read some of our reviews of these classic games for the ZX Spectrum, and now you want to know where to get your hands on them.

Well, we don't keep a download section here - there is no point. World Of Spectrum have got it covered with a HUGE library of ZX Spectrum titles.

On there you will find almost every arcade game and text adventure ever released for each machine type. That's right, there you can get versions for the standard 48K (and even 16K) ZX Spectrum, and versions for the ZX Spectrum 128 (obviously covering the ZX Spectrum +2 and ZX Spectrum +3 respectively)
Download Spectrum (48K)The World Of Spectrum archive is split into various sections covering arcade games, adventure games, educational software, demo tapes and so on. The two main categories of interest to most of us are of course 'Games' and 'Text Adventures'.

The arcade games archive is here.
The text adventure archive is here.

Each archive lists the games alphabetically - it really couldn't be easier to get what you want!

So follow those links to get those titles, but here are a couple of direct links for starters:

Download Spectrum Harrier Attack Get Harrier Attack

Download Spectrum Green BeretGet Green Beret

Let the nostalgia overload commence, and Download Spectrum games!

A note on unavailable titles (Download Spectrum)
There are a few titles for the ZX Spectrum where distribution has been denied by the publishers.

It should be noted that games developed by Ultimate:Play the game (now known as Rare) are not available for distribution and cannot be downloaded for an emulator.

Games developed by Odin (such as Hearland and Nodes of Yesod) are also not available to download for an emulator.

You may also come across some arcade conversions which are also denied distribution (such as CapCom games like Side Arms and 1942)

It's a shame that these classic games are unavailable at the moment - we hope that one day they will all be made available for download.

Download Spectrum (128) Anyway - there must be more than 90% of Spectrum titles available for Spectrum Download, there is enough in there to keep you going for weeks, months... years.

The ZX Spectrum will always continue thanks to the likes of World of Spectrum.

Cheers all,

Mart and Bri.

Download those classic arcade games

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