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23 Dec 2010

Spectrum Games - 3D Combat Zone - Classic ZX Spectrum Game

3D Combat Zone ZX Spectrum
Here we have a version of the classic Atari arcade game Battlezone on the ZX Spectrum by legendary game coder Jon Ritman.

This game and Realtime's 3D Tank Duel are the best versions I ever played on the Speccy. If you are a fan of Battlezone and wireframe graphics arcade games then this version may be right up your street...

3D Combat Zone - ZX Spectrum

Just like the arcade original you begin the game with three lives. The game takes the viewpoint of looking outwards from the front of your tank, the battlefield complete with various landmarks and of course, enemies to evade and destroy.

The game was predominantly 'green screen' (with enemies in cyan) and used a suitable arcade style font to display current score, menu options and so on.

3D Combat Zone - Nice Battlezone Type Game As far as I know there is no end to the game, you just keep going until you run out of lives. As you destroy an enemy each subsequent bad guy is more difficult to kill than the last. Again this is matching the arcade game.

Oddball pilots his tank... There is not much else to say. For a 1983 game the 3D graphics were very impressive and it certainly wowed a lot of home gamers. The vectors move nice and smoothly and explode nicely when you score a direct hit.

If you like Battlezone and games of this ilk then you can't go far wrong and this is a great example of fine early ZX Spectrum gaming. Jon Ritman would go on to be responsible for many classic games on our favourite 8-bit machine...

We recommend getting hold of the real hardware but if not then download a ZX Spectrum emulator and download 3D Combat Zone for the ZX Spectrum. You may even be able to play it online.

It's vector-tastic.

GENRE: 3D vector graphics arcade game
RELEASED BY: Artic Software
DEVELOPER(S): Jon Ritman
PRICE: £5.95 - UK

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7 Dec 2010

Spectrum Games - Gilligans Gold - Classic ZX Spectrum Game

Gilligans Gold ZX Spectrum
This classic game was a 1984 release for our beloved ZX Spectrum from good old Ocean Software.

It was based on the lesser known 1982 arcade game 'Bagman' by the also lesser known Valadon Automation.

If you liked arcade action and platform games such as Chuckie Egg then you couldn't go far wrong with this offering...

Gilligans Gold - ZX SpectrumThis arcade style game was set in a gold mine and split over three inter-connected screens.

The aim of it was pretty simple: collect the bags of gold, evade the outlaws and use the ladders and carts to negotiate your way around.

Games in 1984 tended to be quite simple so for them to work they had to work. Fortunately this game was damned playable and pretty addictive.

After collecting the bags you had to place them in your wheelbarrow, all done against the clock of course. Each bag deposited increased your alloted time and raised your score. All the while the outlaws were after you - and the gold.

It was possible to jump into the mine-carts by hanging on the ceiling hooks and dropping in as they passed by (which was pretty cool), and you could also run up and down the ladders or use the lifts to get around.

Dropping down a long mine-shaft meant the instant loss of a life.

Gilligan's Gold Level 1 - ZX Spectrum Some of the booty was hidden behind breakable walls. Using a pick-axe would allow you to break through and grab the bag.

In another cool feature bags could be dropped from a height onto the bad guys, which would stun them for a few moments. Stars would whirl around their heads as they lay there concussed, before panting heavily (their stomachs rising and falling) as they began to come around. Using a pick-axe on them had pretty much the same effect.

Touches and attention to detail like this were impressive and added a nice dose of humour to the game.

All in all Gilligans Gold is a good solid arcade game that remains playable due to it's simplicity even to this day.

On Release:
Few people tended to realise that this was pretty much a conversion of an arcade original when it was released in 1984. It was well recieved and achieved a good overall score in the likes of Crash Magazine and once you got the hang of how to play the game it was decidedly addictive. It also featured a neat in game beeper tune which again was pretty nifty at the time. Not quite a classic game, but one worth having for sure.

The Test Of Time:
This is a nice simple game that I enjoyed playing again. Once you get the hang of the controls it plays well, moves at a fair old pace and is real old school gaming. The graphics are by no means the best but they serve their purpose. Not bad, not bad at all.

We recommend getting hold of the real Sinclair Hardware but if not them download this game for a ZX Spectrum emulator. Alternatively you could try and play it online.

Please see our other ZX Spectrum game reviews - all links are listed in alphabetical order. Cheers guys.

GENRE: Arcade Game (Platform Game)
RELEASED BY: Ocean Software
DEVELOPERS: Keith Burkhill, Ronald Rhodes and F.David Thorpe
PRICE: £5.90 - UK

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