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6 Dec 2011

Spectrum Games - W*H*B - Modern ZX Spectrum Game

So what's this game all about then?
This is a superb puzzle game from modern day coder of the ZX Spectrum (and ZX81) Bob Smith - who has developed a number of great computer games over recent years.

If you enjoy classic games such as Tetris, Pipemania or even Downfall then you will definately enjoy this, it really is one of the most enjoyable and well though out puzzle games I have ever played on any platform.

So let's take a look at a fantastic recent game for the greatest ever 8-bit machine...

W*H*B Loads Up...
This is a game where you have to control a 1x2 'block' cuboid around on a set of grid levels, with the objective being get it to stand 'upright' on the marked floor panel.

Throughout the game there are special objects to make matters a little more interesting. There are teleporting blocks which teleport you to a different location and crumbling blocks which disappear once you have 'stood' on them. Sneaky!

The graphics are top notch being very nicely drawn and superbly animated. Your 'block' rolls and moves around the screen extremely smoothly and the isometric viewpoint is absolutely spot on. For me this is the type of computer game that lends itself to this style of screen rendering perfectly.

This game also features some nicely composed music on load up, and a funky little ditty at the beginning of each level. The controls are completely redefineable too which all adds to the overall package.

The game starts of nice and easy as I try to get used to the controls...

Once I reach level three it becomes more fiendish!

All that I can say that this game is a brilliant example of a modern classic game for a retro computer. It is highly polished and superbly implemented; a real clever piece of coding.

With music from Mister Beep and level design from the games coder Bob Smith plus Kev Thacker, Jumping Stack, Karl Gillott, Mulder anbd Znorxman this is a real winner.

Once of my favourite puzzle games of all time. Brilliant.

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