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15 Sept 2009

ZX Spectrum Games - Game walkthrough (part 1)- Commando ZX Spectrum retro game

Game walkthrough (part 1) - Commando ZX Spectrum retro game
Here is part one of our walkthrough of the classic arcade conversion of Commando by Elite software.

Area 1:
A pretty easy area to start with. Keep Super Joe moving and take your time to free the prisoner and collect plenty of extra grenades - you will need them in later levels. With enemy soldiers nicely spread out you should have no difficulty in making it to the end.

You can take out most of the end 'swarm' of soldiers by positioning yourself just slightly right to centre against the main gates and keeping that trigger finger working.

Area 2:
Starting to hot up a little now. A little more enemies to take out and make sure you blow up the green trucks before loads of the red troopers spill out. A few bullets are enough to destroy those jeep type thingies too - keep away from the left hand area of the screen to avoid being run over.

When going under bridges always unleash a hail of bullets before going through. Once you reach the end watch for emerging troops in the caves as well as the doors.

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