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15 Sept 2009

ZX Spectrum Games - Game Walkthrough (part 3) - Commando ZX Spectrum retro game

Game Walkthrough (part 3) ZX Spectrum retro game
Here is part three of our walkthrough of the classic arcade conversion of Commando by Elite software.

Area 5:
You've made it half way and be prepared for a stern test from here on in. As soon as you start keep moving forwards but make sure you take out the men who jump in from each little hillside for extra points. It doesn't really get busy until you go through the bridge - the enemy swarm behind those boulders.

When you get to the end try and take out the fox-hole soldiers with grenades before opening the doors. Avoid the fox holes at all costs!

Area 6:
Don't worry too much about the armored pill boxes, stick left and keep moving so they can't hit you. Take out the one that appears on the left with a grenade and keep pressing on.

Don't dally as you go past the caves go under the bridge. You know the drill with the fox-holes by now too. Kill any rocket troopers you see and take out the fox-hole soldiers before opening the end gates.

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