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25 Mar 2013

ZX Spectrum Games - ZX Spectrum Programming Master Class Part1

ZX Spectrum Programming Master Class Part 1
This clip was uploaded to YouTube by Jesus Zafra. Well done that man!

The video itself was first released way back in 1984 (on VHS format as I'm sure most of you will remember) just as the ZX Spectrum was becoming more popular me on a night out ;-).

Here David Redclift explains various functions in BASIC, the layout of the good old Speccy keyboard, keyboard commands and how to access the various functions using the shift-keys.

This was heavy duty programming to all of us amateur enthusiasts back in the day, and some of us (not me!) would go on to learn Z80 assembler to produce 'arcade' quality games!

Turbo Rubber Duck Shootout
There is a good hours worth of instruction here. It's retro. It's fun (in a geeky kinda way) and it's well worth a watch.

In fact, you may end up quite proficient in the language of Speccy BASIC after watching this. So good in fact, that your next program will probably so polished it wouldn't even have made it onto a Cascade Cassette 50 compilation. Get yer Speccy out, get typing, and get creating.

Look out for Part 2 shortly!

Take it away David...

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