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29 Jun 2011

Spectrum Games - Castle Quest - Classic ZX Spectrum Game

Castle Quest ZX Spectrum
Now this is a real lesser known game for the ZX Spectrum.

As far as I know this game was only given full release in Spain and was available to rent (yes rent!) in the UK courtesy of a company called Wildest Dreams.

It was developed way back in 1982 (from the real early days of the Speccy!) by Colin Stewart who also programmed the playable and popular platform game Frank N Stein.

This game when compared to likes of Frank N Stein and other arcade games (specifically those in the platform genre) it is to be fair, quite basic. But you have to remember that it was written in 1982 so for that era it was pretty impressive.

Castle Quest on the ZX Spectrum
You will notice that the main character is not animated as he moves around the screen and that the background graphics are simply drawn. But despite this, the game does play quite nicely and oozes a ton of charm.

The aim is to move from screen to screen, navigating your way from right to left avoiding the nasties (which move around the screen very nicely indeed) and accomplishing all of this before your time runs out which is depicted by the slowly reducing bar at the top of the screen.

The character has a slightly odd jump action which always makes him move through the air to the left or right, you cannot jump straight upwards. This actually adds a tactical element to the game as you really have to time your leaps to progress through the screens.

The second screen is pretty tricky!
I have to say that this game, despite being quite simple is actually quite playable. The 'time bar' at the top of the screen reminds me of Manic Miner and the overall style of the game makes me think of the Ocean classic games Hunchback and Hunchback II.

If you like arcade adventures and platform games then please give this classic game a go; it's got charm, a lot of retro style and enough to make you want to beat that screen! Oh, and I love the way your character 'warps' into the screen too, it's as if he has been 'beamed' into that damn castle!

GENRE: Arcade Game (Platform Game)
RELEASE DATE: 1984 (Although it was written in 1982)
RELEASED BY: Wildest Dreams (Aquired from PSS)
DEVELOPER(S): Colin Stewart
PRICE: - Rental only in the UK, given full release in Spain

It is charming retro arcade action all the way in Castle Quest...

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Chris said...

This game looks cool. I've also never heard of it but I like the simplicity of it and the sfx. Going to give it a go.

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