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20 Apr 2012

Spectrum Games - Kung Fu Master - Classic ZX Spectrum Game

Kung Fu Master ZX Spectrum
Argh! And I'm not making any martial arts type noises there either.

This ZX Spectrum version of the classic arcade game was released by US Gold in 1986. It turned out to be completely shit.

The arcade game had been a huge hit, and conversions to pretty much all of the home computers of the era was pretty much guaranteed.

Many conversions of arcade originals or movie tie-ins tended to be quick rush jobs intended to cash in on their popularity; alas this game turned out to be one of those.

The Loading Screen Is As Good As It Gets
The thing about this game is the fact that it was pretty limited and repetitive, mainly because there were only two attacking moves to make (punch and kick), as well as jump and duck. The arcade version got away with it due to it's colourful graphics, decent sound effects, excellent backing music and fast paced action.

The Spectrum version, despite being released in 1986 just reeks of 1983. The scrolling, the graphics, the animation, the collision detection... all were unacceptable by 1986.

There is little playability in here and using your punches and kicks is an exercise in guesswork.

Stay Back Or I Will Blind Your Eyes With Crappy Graphics

In a deviation for the original the screen uses the flick-scroll method to move the action along, whereas the arcade version used continues push scrolling.

On top of all of this the in-game music is absolute torture - and I mean torture. I think the developers must have realised how bad the game was and just stuck it in there for a laugh or a distraction. It is even worse than listening to a Celine Dion album on endless repeat - that's just how bad the in-game music is.

All in all this game is a load of old cack. Anyone who played it back then will probably still shudder at the thought of it. Nice loading screen though.

We recommend getting hold of the real hardware - but if not then download a ZX Spectrum Emulator and download anything but Kung Fu master! Alternatively you could try and play something else online.

GENRE: Arcade Game (Beat Em Up)
DEVELOPER(S): David J Anderson (loading screen by F David Thorpe)
PRICE: £7.95 -UK

Quick cash-in conversions are the order of the day....

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JD said...

I loved the arcade original and remembered being soooooo disappointed in the speccy version. Just didn't play well at all.

Wingnut said...

That attribute clash is shocking for a 1986 game.

Spectrum Paradise said...

Nice review. Kung Fu Master was a huge letdown, my main problem with it is the hideous colour choices and the colour conflicts.

rennmaxbeta said...

Totally agree. Loading screens were nearly always interesting (mostly because it was the only thing to look at for several minutes), but Kung Fu Master was a stinker. I got it in 1986 bundled on a tape collection with my 128K Spectrum. The poor collision detection really kills any enjoyment, along with that awful screeching sound. Not a martial arts classic for the Speccy.

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