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9 Nov 2010

Spectrum Games - The Light Corridor - Classic ZX Spectrum Game

The Light Corridor ZX Spectrum
This classic game was released for the ZX Spectrum in 1991 by Infogrames. I suppose it could be classed as a sort of breakout arcade clone with a massive twist.

It was now a 3D vector graphics breakout style game, and very good it was too.

This game was released at a time when the 8-bit to 16-bit transition was gathering pace, but New Frontier software put a lot of polish on this version. If you liked breakout and puzzle games then you wouldn't go far wrong with this one...

The Light Corridor ZX SpectrumThe aim of the game was to negotiate your way along 'The Light Corridor'. Equipped with a translucent raquet you had to guide the metallic sphere (not just a ball!) from the heart of the corridor.

Avoiding the walls and the traps, you had to collect the bonuses on offer and battle your way along, until eventually you would see the light, quite literally, at the end of the tunnel.

The game was spread of four stages and in classic arcade style there were plenty of bonuses to collect and nasties to avoid.

First off, this game had one of the best pieces of title music on the ZX Spectrum ever. Even the 48K version was nicely done:

The ZX Spectrum 128 was blessed with an AY Chip, and it was majestically put through it's paces with the title music. This is one of my favourite AY tunes and showcases just how good it could sound in the hands of a talented developer. Check out this pure ear candy:

At the beginning of the game you had to release the ball and watch if fly down the corridor until it struck a wall or similar obstacle. At this point it would bounce back towards you and you had to 'hit' it with the paddle, sending it back 'away' from your viewpoint.

The player used the time the ball spent in flight to move along the corridor (you could stop and start as and when you wished). The colour of the walls also changed as you progressed further which was a nice touch.

The object of the game was to reach the end of the corridor without allowing the ball to miss the paddle and 'hit' the player. If this happened, as you might guess, it was the loss of a life.

Obstacles such as moving elevator-style doors and blocks made navigating your way quite difficult and the game was all about quick reflexes. There were also nice powerups to be had to help you on your way.

Negotiating The Light Corridor - ZX SpectrumIt must also be said that this classic game was extremely customisable.

You could run the paddle at normal or fast speed which was nice, but the real boon was being able to create your own 'corridors'. The game had an in-built editor that allowed you to create corridors and then save them to cassette or disc. Now just how cool is that?

This was a great feature at the time and added a lot of longevity to the game.

On Release:
This classic game was met with high regard when it was released and rightly so. Crash Magazine awared it an overall score of 87% and praised it's playability, smooth 3D graphics, music and digitized speech (sampled from no other than pop Prince, Prince!). It was a very good mix of arcade action, 3D gaming and puzzle solving. It turned out to be a deserved big hit and proved that there was still life left in the good old Speccy in 1991.

The Test Of Time:
I have to say that this game has aged superbly. It is still playable and addictive, and creating your own in-game levels is rewarding. For me most of the classic games on the Speccy come from the mid 1980's, but this one is up there with best of them. A playable and different game.

Play this one again, you'll trip the light fantastic.

We recommend getting hold of the real Sinclair hardware but if not then download a ZX Spectrum emulator and download this classic game for the ZX Spectrum. Alternatively you could try and play it online.

GENRE: Arcade Game / Puzzle Game
RELEASE DATE: February 1991
RELEASED BY: Infogrames
DEVELOPER(S): New Frontier (Zydro, Robin, Fustor, McAlby)
PRICE: £10.99 on cassette, £15.99 on disc - UK

Running control at normal speed:

The arcade action hots up running at fast speed:

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JD said...

never heard of it but looks cool! reminds me of a game called Room 10 by CRL I think.

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