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19 Jul 2009

ZX Spectrum Games - Target Renegade - ZX Spectrum classic game

ZX Spectrum Games Target Renegade
ZX Spectrum Target Renegade
How about a sequel to a fantastic beat em up? The original Renegade had been a roaring success for Imagine Software and the sequel to it, Target Renagade was released for the ZX Spectrum in April 1988.

In true arcade game style you were out for revenge - and would not rest until your brothers killer (Mr Big the gangland boss) has been defeated. But of course in this classic arcade game you had to fight your way through five levels to reach him.

As in the first game, each level represented a different part of the city. You had to battle Mr Big's minions in multi-storey carparks, lush parklands, seedy back streets, a shopping mall and finally Mr Big's bar.

Your character was well versed in martial arts and street fighting and could execute a wide array of moves such as punches, kicks, flying kicks and back kicks. Less refined moves could be used such as a knee to the groin and punching an opponent when they were down - the grittier side of the fighting added more depth to the game.

Many of the henchmen (and henchwomen) were armed with knives, clubs etc which they would drop if you knocked them to the ground. You could pick up these weapons and wade into them with glee. The bald headed snooker queue weilding thugs were particularly tough to overcome, but once you collected a discarded queue you could clean house if you timed your blows well.

ZX Spectrum our Renegade prepares to dole out some pain
As in the first in the series on the ZX Spectrum you began this classic game with three lives and each life had an energy bar. Taking hits reduced your energy and if it reached zero you would lose a life.

The game also had a two-player co-operative mode (a la Double Dragon) so you and a friend could team up and dish out justice - in co-op mode there were a lot more enemies to dispatch though, which was fair enough I suppose.

The game was completed if you managed to defeat Mr Big (after finally getting through his legion of bouncers and door staff) - not easy as he could 'bear hug' you to death. As usual for these games a certain strategy was needed to beat the big boss.

On Release:
Because Renegade had been so popular (and controversial due to the violence) a follow up was wanted by Spectrum gamers. Target Renegade was actually better than the first game and upped the ante in terms of fighting and violent content. The variety of enemies to fight and differing locations (which were all nicely drawn and detailled) were excellent and beating up the thugs (ladies of the night, hell's angels, bar bouncers etc) was great fun. This arcade game was another big hit for Imagine and received the seal of approval 'Crash Smash' award from the popular gaming mag, Crash Magazine.

The test of time:
I have to admit to loving this game back then, and I still enjoy it even now. It's a bit simple by todays standards but the playability is still there and it's not easy to make your way through the levels (although that maybe just because my reflexes are not as sharp these days!) You can't beat a bit of mindless punching, kneeing and headbutting to wind down at the end of the day. Anyway - here in Spectrum Games we reckon that this one goes down as a classic arcade game on the Speccy.

Your a big man but you're in bad shape, so stick this classc game on or I'll have to splap ya.

We recommend getting hold of the real hardware - but if not then download a ZX Spectrum emulator and download Target Renegade for the ZX Spectrum. Alternatively you could try and play it online.

GENRE: Arcade Game (Beat em up)
RELEASE DATE: April 1988
RELEASED BY: Imagine Software
PRICE: £7.95 - UK

Our hero fights his way through the car park in classic arcade game...

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1 comment:

Chris said...

Another great game. The music was memorable. Loved the music in the parking garage and also in the Park.

Target Renegade was fairly easy after you got used to the various enemies. Loved the sledgehammer/axe. It was fairly rare to see this type of game at the time and Renegade was the only one I played before this that was similar (to the best of my recollection). Anyway, it was a nice touch to have weapons.

I also remember it being the first game in which I could flying kick a dog in the face. Actually, I can't think of another game where I've ever done that.

So, the 128K version was excellent with the nice tunes and variety of locales. The 2nd level had a guy firing bullets at you which could kill you in a single shot but you just had to make sure that you were walking vertically when he popped on the screen.

I would give the edge to 'Renegade' though over target renegade. The graphics just seemed more detailed and there were more enemies on the screen. Also it was a strategic beat'em'up in that the boss was always on the screen from the beginning but he would only join in the fight when there were only three of his henchmen left. A good strategy was to keep track of how much you had hurt the henchmen and then get them all one hit away from death. Then you could suddenly flying kick them all in one glorious blaze of violence and be left fighting only the boss as opposed to the boss and three other guys (which was quite tough).

Renegade 3 was not very good, so depending I advise sticking with the first two.

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